Cheng Ho and the Chinese in Melaka

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Originally posted: 7 July 2014
Original content on this blog returns: 1 March 2018

The Heartlander Tourist

The Chinese first landed in Malacca two years after the Sultanate was founded, before the colonial powers. Then came the traders led by Admiral Cheng Ho.

Cheng Ho was an imperial eunuch from the Muslim Hui community in China, who was instrumental in the usurpation of the throne for Zhu Di who became the Yongle emperor.

Zheng HeSource

He is commemorated as a god in parts of Southeast Asia, and sailed from China to Africa with a fleet larger than Vasco da Gama and Christopher Colombus even before they did. Historian Gavin Menzies asserts that Cheng Ho had discovered the America’s before Christopher Colombus.

While the historians will argue about the size of the fleet and the extent of his travels, what is not in doubt is that Cheng Ho did indeed land in Melaka. After Cheng’s arrival, Sultan Iskandar Shah returned the invitation and visited the Ming Emperor with…

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