Penang Food – Street Stalls and Gurney Drive

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Originally posted: 18 Dec 2013
Original content on this blog returns: 2 April 2018

The Heartlander Tourist

You cannot go to Penang and not have their food.

Penang has a great variety of local flavours, unlike Singapore which is a smogasboard of cosmopolitan flavours (because of its city status), you are less like likely to find Japanese, Mexican or Swedish food in Penang, but what you will find are road side hawkers who have spent their entire lives perfecting one dish, and a queue that never goes down.

Georgetown 10There are many variations and takes on local dishes in Penang such that you will not get tired of, the locals all passionately defend their own personal favorites.

Occasionally, one particular stall will be the undisputed number one, such as the Asam Laksa in Air Itam (near the Kek Lok SI temple), or the Nasi Khandar at Line Clear in Jalan Penang.

Air Itam Laksa Stall, PenangAsam Laksa is made of an asam based soup, together with thick rice vermicelli, vegetables, onions, lemongrass…

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