Penang Hill, A view of the Bridge

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Originally posted: 21 Dec 2013
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The Heartlander Tourist

There is this mystical thing about going up a hill, the view higher elevation is just phenomenal, especially when it overlooks some amazing scenery.

Penang Hill is the highest point in Penang at an elevation of 833m. In malay it is known as Bukit Bendera, Bendera stands for flag, the local chinese call it Sheng Qi Shan (Raise Flag Mountain, 升旗山). It is in Air Itam district. It overlooks the whole eastern Penang island, where Georgetown and the iconic KOMTAR building are as well as the Penang Bridge.

Penang Hill ViewThe hill has two main uses, at the peak, it is used as a hill resort/homestay and houses many eateries from roadside stores to al-fresco sorts. The mid levels contain residential developments for locals as will as well as staff on the hill.

You can get to the top  by car, tram of foot. I’d suggest the tram ride, its been recently…

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