Made in Penang Interactive Museum

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Originally posted: 22 Dec 2013
Original content on this blog returns: 2 April 2018

The Heartlander Tourist

Every major city will have its history museums but each city worth it’s salt will have a museum unique to itself. In Singapore, that would be the MINT Museum of Toys, in Penang it is the recently opened Made in Penang Interactive Museum.

Made in Penang interative Museum 1Taking over a former German cargo warehouse, the two story museum’s objective is to tell the Penang story through interactive displays.

One the lower deck is a diorama gallery while the upper deck contains 3D images.

A diorama refers to a three dimensional figure stuffed and placed in front of a painted backdrop depicting a realistic setting. This museum uses miniature dioramas to showcase life as it was in old Penang. These sculptures were made be a local Penangnite, Khoo Chooi Hooi and the details he sculpts were so intricate that you could even see the veins on the hands of the sculptures (that’s what the…

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