Penang War Musuem, one of Asia’s most Haunted

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Originally posted: 23 Dec 2013
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The Heartlander Tourist

One thing the British failed to do during the Second World War was to understand Sun Tzu’s art of war. Whether in Singapore or Penang or in the battle of Malaya, the British were consistently outwitted and outsmarted by a smaller, sharper ad humbler Japanese force.

In Malaya, the British did not expect the Japanese to make it through the forest; in Singapore the British planned a powerful base against a naval assault but was nearly defenseless from the north; in Penang the British built a base in Bukit Batu Maung in the south.

They did not realise that the Japanese would attack from the north.

When the fort was built, it was one of the strongest defenses in Malaya, built to the tune of 40 million pounds.

Penang War Museum 1It was built by Indian convicts on death row. After the construction, as the guide told us, the convicts were sentenced to…

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