Måltid i Stockholm – Jim Lim K25

A question popped up on a social messaging board asking where to find Singaporean or Malaysian food in Stockholm. I had not known of many places, the one that I did know of had unfortunately shuttered its doors.

Then I read a reply that suggested Jim Lim at K25.

K25, a food hall located on the fancy looking Kungsgatan street serves up street food restaurant style. With burger joints like Vigårda, dumpling restaurant Beijing 8 and other brands owning an outlet there. While these stores serve up food from the same concept as their parent store, others create new concepts. This is what Jim Lim is. Jim Lim is operated by the F&B group Farang that deals with Southeast Asia cuisine but serves a a different concept (Rice and Noodles by Farang) – in this case, street food items from the streets of Southeast Asia.

I checked out the website of the stall after seeing the reply and was drawn to the restaurant because of its menu. It offered Laksa. I hadn’t had laksa since I last returned to Singapore and was craving a warm bowl in the still cold wintery spring.

Laksa is a spicy noodle soup that is popular in Singapore and Malaysia, and takes many different forms depending on where it is prepared.

Broadly speaking however, Laksa is thick rice vermicelli served with chicken, shrimp or fish in a bowl of either a spicy coconut milk or sour tamarind based soup. The coconut milk version is called nonya laksa, while the sour tamarind version is called asam laksa.  The version that was served at Jim Lim was the coconut milk version, and it was made of thin vermicelli and small Swedish style shrimp.

The soup tasted like a decent laksa but the flavour was slightly sweat, the shrimp too more chewy.

At 95 SEK, it was not a cheap bowl of laksa, not by Asian standards anyway. But by Stockholm standards this was a very affordable bowl. It wasn’t the flavours I was used to, it was a laksa with a Swedish touch and I liked it.

Try it!


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