Björnö Naturreservat

When a heat wave hits Europe, people usually freak out. Not in Stockholm though. In a clear case of – one man’s food is another’s poison, news of a heatwave on the continent is usually a sign to get excited because awesome warm weather is on the horizon. When there is a heatwave from the south, Stockholmers come out to play. A heatwave will make a Stockholm Spring (hovering around 5 degrees Celcius) turn into a Stockholm Summer (around 17 degrees Celcius).

We’d been in Stockholm long enough to go through rejoice at the sight of a heatwave, what better way to take advantage of the glorious weather than to go for a hike.

While there are public parks like Hagaparken and popular nature reserves such as Paradiset and Tyresta the best views in Stockholm are arguable further out where the archipelago is.

Located in the municipality of Värmdö at the eastern edge of Stockholm County, Bjorno nature reserve is easily accessible from Central Stockholm (Slussen) bus public bus and even the bus journey was itself beautiful.

But when it comes to nature reserves, who really wants to read me drone on and on, when nature is ready to bear her beauty, enjoy 🙂

Time for you to go there when the sun is up!




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