Måltid i Stockholm – SEN Street Kitchen

While trying to find good, affordable east Asian food in Stockholm is sometimes a challenge (Beijing 8 notwithstanding), finding good southeast Asian food is actually a lot easier than you’d expect, there’s remarkably good Thai food, tasty swedish style Malaysian food and for a time savoury homecooked Singaporean food. Now add one more to the list, SEN Street Kitchen.

I had gotten a haircut and was famished, seeing as I had been rather tight with my budget I thought I could grab something convenient outside instead of cooking at home. Just as I was running through familiar options in my head I walked past an interesting shopfront. There didn’t seem to be any one in but it looked interesting so I decided to walk in – with the intention of walking out if the price was too high for my wallet.

I stayed.

It was cheaper than I thought it would be, similar in price to the cheapest options that I knew of in the surrounding vicinity.

The vibe in the resturant was cool, there were signs bearing Japanese, Korean and Vietnamese words, common signs found at street markets in these places. It felt like stepping into a street market, except for the lack of people in the restaurant.

There was no attempt to masquerade the restaurant as selling one particular cuisine but rather it sold a collection of items from all these cultures. Their ambition was to recreate the authentic flavours of street markets in these countries.

I ordered a Korean beef bulgogi. Bulgogi refers to the meat that is cooked and translates as fire meat a compound term for meat grilled over charcoal. Bulgogi is thought to have originated in 30 BC and used to be served to the rich, especially when meat was scarce and harder to obtain in the past.

By and large I think they succeeded, this was a bulgogi that tasted authentically Korean with Swedish characteristics.

I walked out of the restaurant, stomach filled and happy. People were beginning to enter now to order their food. I had avoided the crowd only because I had visited it right as it opened. I’ll be back, there’s a lot more good cheap street food that I need to get my fill off.



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