The view of Lake Zürich from Bürkliplatz

It was the reason the city was built, the natural location that determined the establishment of a city. It’s also the backdrop that gives the city its idyllic vibe, this was Lake Zurich.

Lake Zurich borders three cantons in Switzerland, Zurich, St Gallen and Schwyz, the majortiy belonging to Zurich however. The city of Zurich sits on the northernmost tip of the lake opening up to a southward journey of 45 kilometers of unspoiled scenery, culminating with the Alps in the distance at the southernmost end of the Lake. Zurich is not the only population hotspot along the lake, a staggering 32 towns and villages not including Zurich are found there.

And the view from the lake is gorgeous.

One of the most touristy things to do in Zurich is to take a ferry down the Lake and all these boats depart from the same place – Bürkliplatz.

Prior to being an open park for ferries and cruises to take place, Bürkliplatzwas the southern edge of the fortified city. After the walls came down in 1882, the place had to be made accessible and open and the task fell to local engineer Arnold Bürkli to oversee the filling of the lake banks and the creation of a promenade. I think it’s really admirable that the promenande was then named after the person who oversaw the construction of the promenade and not some ancient hero or something.

All that water really makes you forget that Switzerland is a landlocked country.



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