The sandy Tanto beach of Stockholm

We were chatting in the sun enjoying, the warmth at the beach. A young woman walked past us towards the water, her hand stretched to the back of her bikini as she took her bikini off… what the?

She jumped into the water, creating a splash in more ways than one.

The Singaporean in me had forgotten that I was at a beach in Stockholm where nudity is not an illegal act and the Swedes are very relaxed about it (not as much as the Danes apparently).

Warmth and sun are not words you would associated together with Stockholm, so when the sun comes out to play on Stockholm, you get out and join in the fun. The sun came out to play quite a bit this past summer and I got out again. Swedish nature is quite something, especially when you get out on hikes to the archipelago, such as to the Bjorno nature reserve, but sometimes all you want is just simple beach without having to travel very far.

The biggest and most popular artificial beach in Stockholm (or at least I think it is artificial) is Tanto beach at Tantolunden. The open beach space makes it great for pinics, sun-tanning, beach vollyball… basically everything you would do at a beach park. There’s also kayak loans that allow you to go kayaking around the archipelago.

Okay, enough talking from me, get out to enjoy a day at the beach!



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