The Friluftlivs Concept at the Open Air Gyms in Stockholm

Swedes love their outdoor a lot, so much in fact that there is a term for it – friluftlivs. Friluftlives translates directly as free air living, or at least that’s what I learn from Swedish class, in more proper English it described outdoor recreation.

Sweden is a huge country with a vast amount of open spaces and terrain, just the designated nature parks alone are as large as the whole country of Denmark. The country ranks 90th in the world with a population of 10 million but 55th in land size. Take away the three main urban conglomerations (small in comparison to the size of the country) of Stockholm, Gothernburg and Malmo and the population of the whole country drops by half.

This therefore leaves a vast majority of the country spread in smaller pockets over much larger areas with undisturbed nature all around.

Summer’s and early fall in Sweden are glorious, extremely so, perhaps aided by the fact that winters prior to snowfall tend to fall on the other extreme, which makes the great outdoors even more exciting when the weather makes such trips available.

Then there is the fact that the whole country is an open play ground mandated by law – Allemansrätten or the freedom to roam which gives the general public the right to access certain public and private areas for recreation and exercise presented in this amazing advertisement of Sweden on AirBnB by the Swedish tourism agency. And its not just a platitude, people take it.

Add to the love of nature, the Swedish almost ‘obsession’ (almost, since Sweden is also the country of Lagom, everything done with the right proportions) with being fit and healthy and you have a recipe for a great quality of life.

So it does come as a surprise that outdoor gym was only opened a few decades ago. Okay, exercise and healthy living has nothing to do with reading a blog posts with too many words, so get inspired by people living healthily and go out and enjoy some outdoor recreation!



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