A beach for every type in Barcelona

There’s nothing more idyllic than waking up or spending a day at the beach, the sun gently kissing your skin as you stand, arms akimbo facing out the blue sea.

Perhaps you are out there, a nice tan on your toned body playing beach sports and enjoying both the natural and man-made view, the waves crashing like the waves of sensuality all around you.

Maybe you are at a spa, enjoying jets of mineral filled water pulsate against your skin with a large window overlooking the white sandy beach.

Or maybe, you are at a resort enjoying a message by the beach, listening only to the waves lightly spray onto the sand and smelling the aroma of massage oils being rubbed on your body.

That’s what beaches tend to convey, something amazing. Growing up in Singapore and living in Stockholm these things tend to exist more as caricatures of my imagination rather than exemplars of fact. That’s what makes Barcelona quite an amazing destination. It has history, it has food, it has art now add its beaches. It is a destination that can be all things to all people. Barcelona is blessed with a whole stretch of beach, 11 beaches stretching 4.5km to be exact, sitting within the city. And there’s more a short bit outside the city centre.

The city was, at the end of the day, built for trade with other cities lying along the Mediterranean.

We ended up only in Bogatell Beach (and even then just to do the touristy seafood by the beach thing) which perhaps had too many beach-goers to be relaxing, the number of people trying to show off their beach bodies though was very high. Here are a few more posts (here, here and here) that I specially curated on the different beaches to go to in Barcelona, there’s bound to be one that fits your fancy!

(Yea, I got lazy. The beach is a perfect place and topic to get lazy about.)



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