The Watershow at Plaza Espanya

“You must check out the light show at the Magic Fountain, it’s free and a wonderful way to spend a night in the city.”

This piece of advice came from more than one person. My ears pricked at the word ‘free’. Free and fun entertainment is always the best and so off we went to check out the water/light show at the Magic Fountain at Plaza Espanya.

Plaza Espanya centres around a roundabout with a beautiful water feature that serves as a major thoroughfare for traffic throughout the city, the centre structre was a masterpiece of collaboration with a few of the biggest names in the country. Similar to Castell Montjuic, the square was originally built on what used to be a square for public hangings, although the morbid activity was moved elsewhwere in 1715.

Located downhill from the Castle Montjuic with the grand Catalonia Art Museum as a background and guarded by an impressive looking pair of Venetian towers, the Water Fountain is perhaps the most grand looking of all the squares in Barcelona. And for good reason, the square was a product of a World Fair in 1929, hosted by the city. A World Fair is an event usually organised by a country that is meant to showcase the achievements of that country, the aim of which is to highlight your successes and convince perhaps others to join you in investing in your country, a showpiece location in a showcase part of the city had to have a grand and majestic look to it.

“Let’s find a cafe/bar with a good view,” we wanted to catch a good view of the water works, and be able to enjoy it without squeezing with the crowds. A high vantage point was therefore a must, while there is a public dining area at the Arenas Barcelona shpping mall, it too was packed with people and so we headed to the hotel next door.

It was a good decision, as within moments of us arriving at the cafe at the top of the Hotel Catalonia Barcelona Plaza we noted an accumulation of tour buses and a flood of visitors emerging from all orifices of the public transport system towards the fountain.

Despite the rooftop feel and exclusive buzz, this was not a wallet breaking exercise. Imagine sitting on a nice barstool facing the fountain with and unhindered view, in your hands a regular 3 Euro coffee to drink and a comfortable, spacioous environment with no pressing of flesh with strangers all around me. 3 Euros is a small price to pay and a much cheaper one to the alternative of dinner at the top deck of a shopping mall.

Enjoy the light show!



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