The Kid’s Skate Park in Stockholm’s Rålambshovsparken

Usually when you think of people riding skateboards or rollerblading, you think of young teenage boys – typically the cool kids, the ones who are too cool too be you. Well, at least that’s what Hollywood used to say back in the 1990s. So it took my a little by surprise when I walked past the Rålis Skatepark in Rålambshovsparken in the heart of Stockholm and saw so many kids skating.

They were kinda cute, I have to say. Especially when you realise the skates are about the height of the kids 😉

The Rålambshovsparken is a popular park especially during the summers when people come out to enjoy all sorts of activities. It was built in 1936 and was designed in a functionalist style – popular to the era, which essentially means that the structure is about function first and form later.

While the structures in the park may lack somewhat in beauty, the true breauty of Ralambshovsparken is the nature that decorates its. The park leads out to a wonderful walking route along the Archipelago (the Norra Malarstrand).

A wonderful way to while the time away.



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