The English Bookshop in Stockholm, the Bookstore of the Year

I mean it and they have the award to prove it too

Although practically everyone in Sweden speaks English, English-language books are not easy to obtain. The city libraries are a treasure trove of Swedish literature (as they rightly should be) with a small annex for international books from a wide collection of languages.

The selection of English books is, consequently, not as varied as you would find in an library from an English-speaking country. Into the breach steps the English Bookshop one of the few, but perhaps the best bookshop stocking English-language books in Stockholm.

Originally opened in Uppsala, The English Bookshop stocks a wide selection of English books and serves also as a book ordering system – ordering and sourcing for books from all round the world, a more personal system compared to other online bookshops such as Book Depository, Barnes and Noble or Open Trolley Bookstore.

It soon grew in popularity all over Sweden and later opened a second physical branch in Stockholm. A cozy bookstore with a very nice section where its staff specially recommend certain books to read too.

English language bookshops outside the Anglo-speaking world are a very important cultural business simply because the English language is one of the most widely spoken languages in the world and is a global language that connects many people who would otherwise speak completely different tongues (the only language with more speakers is mandarin, unlike English however the majority of Mandarin speakers are located in China).

While it stocks English books, what really does hearten me at least is that it does not merely stock English literature from America or the United States, finding a Kevin Kwan book was a welcome surprise (the recent success of Crazy Rich Asians, might have something to do with it), hopefully at least that selection of books will expand because stories and narratives shape our world view, and a world view with many vastly narratives through a shared common tongue will only strengthen our understanding of each other.


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