Måltid i Stockholm – Hermans Vegetarian Restaurant

Out of a world population of 7 billion, 375 million are vegetarians (5.35%), not a small number by any means but certainly not the majority of the world. Humans are biologically omnivorous, although it is without a doubt that a vegetarian diet is perhaps the healthiest diet around when done properly. While vegetarians have been around for a long time, a second movement called the vegan movement is a lot more recent. While vegetarians and vegans do not eat meat, vegetarians usually consume diary products while vegans avoid all forms of products that come from animals at all.

While the vegan movement has grown in loudness in recent years, the movement has unfortunately not always aided by the behaviour of its adherents. I must confess that I have felt the urge to eat a sizzling beef burger after watching a few vegan marches pass by in Barcelona and Stockholm…

But at the end of the day, it’s perhaps the comfort and flavour of meat that prevents most omnivores from adopting more greens in their diet. We are very much like Gordon Ramsay and vegetarian food, unless it can replace our meats, we aren’t too sure about going for it.

Just like Ramsay after visiting the Ashram, this omnivore is willing to take a second look at eating more vegetables thanks to this restaurant.

I am talking about Herman’s Vegetarian Restaurant in Stockholm. Located on the island of Sodermalm, above the Fotografiska and overlooking the beautiful Stockholm view. The restaurant idea developed in 1990 when Herman Ottoson thought of introducing a vegetarian diet to challenge the tradition of a meat and potato based Scandinavian diet. He opened the restaurant in 1992 and ran it for 14 years before deciding to go to other things selling it to the current owners Leo and Omer.

Hermans is a really eco-friendly restaurant, according to them they, “have chosen to serve plant based food because it has the least harmful environmental impact and, according to us, is the healthiest. Our dishes and desserts are made in our kitchen with care and thought, and we use organic raw materials whenever possible. All waste is recycled, work clothes and clothes we sell are made with organic cotton and bamboo, the restaurant is eco-labeled, and the company car rolls on biofuel.”

It’s service is an all-you-can-eat buffet and has an amazing discount for students, costing 5 euros for students, cheaper than even more food trucks cost.

And the food options look really incredible, colourful and appetizing. I mean this certainly doesn’t look like they typically drab vegetarian meal that I know of back home.

I didn’t quite know everything I was eating, only that they were filling and honestly rather satisfying. I could and would go back again.


According to the restaurateurs, “Our focus is to offer an available alternative for discovering vegetarian food, which previously for many has been perceived as boring or tasteless. We want to prove that vegetarian food can be tasty and varied. All kinds of people come to Hermans – regulars, tourists, vegetarians, vegans, and even carnivores. Everyone should have the opportunity to eat a good, varied, plant-based buffet. We don’t want to be seen as a small niche in the marketplace, but as part of an ongoing conscious movement. We want to help people make the connection between the food we choose to eat and how it has a direct effect on our own and the planet’s health. We want to be the BETTER ALTERNATIVE.”

They certainly accomplished that with me. I wouldn’t give up on my meats any time soon, but I’ll certainly incorporate more veggies. This was a really impressive meal.



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