Möllevångstorget, a real taste of Malmö

“If you visit Malmö, Möllan is a must!” was the first line on Tripadvisor when I did some research on what to check out in Malmö. “This is like Chinatown, Little Bagdad and Little Italy all wrapped into one, right here in Malmö! and it is NOT a Tourist trap, it’s for real.,” said another commenter.

A third and perhaps one of the most well formed comments was from a Swede, “It you think Swedes and Sweden is neatly organized but a bit stiff, go to Möllevången for a reality chack. Here people talk to strangers spontaneously, the vegetables are marvellously cheap, the mood is friendly and generous, even if those who don a kippa are rather likely to recieve an antisemitic slur*. Yes its the heart of the multicultural Malmö, where they all mix, young indies, people from rural parts of Småland recently transformed into hipsters, arabs, asians and a small portion of the old Swedish working class that used to inhabit these blocks. How the orthodox feminists and intersectionalists manage to blend with the conservative moslems is a bit of a puzzle, but they actually do (even if they mostly interact over the desks ordering falafel, cheap and tasty in most places around here, 25 SEK) and the blocks of Möllevången certainly show the charm of the new Malmö and its cheeky jack-the-lad-attitude.”

I had to go check it out.

Located literally at the doorstep of the old town and wedged in between the old town and Rosengård is Möllevången. Möllevångstorget is considered the most multicultural and ethnically diverse district in all Malmö and because of the many flavours (literally, the number of international around) is the most colourful part of Malmö. Walk into Möllevången from the centre of the city and you will realise just how international Möllevången is Lebanese, Indian (even dividing between North and South Indian cuisine), Thai and Balkan restaurants are dotted all around the area. Perhaps because of all these international cuisine that is widely affordable, Malmö is a lot cheaper as a place to eat good food than Stockholm or Gothenburg.

It is at Möllevången that some of the best falafel and kebabs in all of Sweden can be found. The best being perhaps being Jalla Jalla. You know its the best because there is a constant stream of people into this hole-in-the-wall.

The centre of Möllevången is Möllevångstorget where a fresh fruit and vegetable market is open everyday, which closes later on and in its place is populated by even more restaurants. 

And with those authentic options and competitive prices all around the place, your stomach is sure to be a very happy customer.

*p.s: I have to add that antisemitism is racism pure and simple, it is not okay to accept that someone wearing a kippa or yarmulke should receive anti-semitic slurs, just as it is not okay to label all muslims terrorists or evil. There are no ifs and buts, a wrong is a wrong and two wrongs don’t make a right. Racism is racism regardless of who says or does things.



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