Måltid i Stockholm – Lindquist’s Konditori

When you work in Sweden, where fika is a major thing, it will eventually be your turn to get the cake.

And you don’t want to get cheap or lousy cake, no, the cake needs to have some standard – because the social institution of fika matters. And there are enough good bakeries in town to get a good cake, to be fair even the cakes at the supermarkets are rather tasty and high quality. Nonetheless, there are things that separate some bakeries from others, and one measure is tradition – how long the bakery has been around.

Lindquist’s is an institution in Stockholm, just as Konditori Lido is an institution in Gävle, just that Lindquist is even older being founded in 1915.

A look at their website and a visit to their shopfront will suffice to tell you what kind of bakery this is, a classy bakery serving high quality products. 

I had seen it while passing by on the way to work for quite a long time, and took the opportunity to walk into this bakery. Passing the small entrance, I immediately felt under-dressed – a display case with beautiful trinkets and items on display that look way too exclusive for me.  On the wall, a royal photograph showing the current King Carl XVI Gustaf when he was a young man getting married to his current Queen, Silvia.

Behind the display case were heavyset dark tables placed on top of traditional mosaic designs, hanging from the chandeliers were gold-rimmed lights, if that was not enough of traditional interior design behind the glass window was a phonograph. Unlike modern cafes however, none of this here was meant to create a traditional atmosphere, it just was.

But for all the traditional accoutrements in the interior design of this shop, it would not have survived for over a century without the quality of its cakes being and remaining top-notch, and they sure were. What was more impressive was how these cakes were continuously being reinvented too, these place did not just stock traditional flavours but was continuing to reinvent new and more flavourful desserts.

That is a recipe for longevity in my books.

Now if only they didn’t charge a premium (commoners like me could buy it more often)…



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