Changing Birstol’s Bedminster district, one street art event at a time

The departure of the Imperial Tobacco Factory and the decline of the shipping industry from Bedminster/Southville in Bristol was one of the worst body blows that could have been dealt to the people of Bedminster, a borough in Bristol. It reduced much of the area to the whims of deprivation, into that came increased amount of unrest and danger.

This is changing with the gentrification of the area (a controversial topic), turning Bedminster into a creative space for hip living. You can see the transformation through its street art where the slightly rougher and more grungy graffiti has given way to street art.

Regardless, both the graffiti and street art are really brilliant, alot of this is down to the fact that Bedminster has become a canvass for Upfest, Europe’s largest street art and graffiti festival.

Such festivals are powerfully transformative for more deprived districts in many cities Zaspa in Gdansk, Snösätra Wall of Fame in Stockholm, the whole of Vilnius and the former Eastern part of Berlin being good examples. Or maybe its the other way round, street art festivals come to increasingly gentrified districts. Regardless, Bedminster is on the way to having its edges smoothed over.

Bedminster still has a slightly rough feel to it, but that is changing one street-art festival at the time.



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