Måltid i Stockholm – Greasy Spoon

When you think of pancakes you think of warm, fluffy, thick cakes stacked a few layers high with a large nob of butter melting over the top and a generous pouring of deliciously sweet maple syrup over it.

But they don’t do that in Sweden. Pancakes can be prepared in many ways around the world.

Swedish pancakes are not really pancakes in the Anglophone sense, Swedish pancakes resemble more a French crepe, which are served folded or rolled with cream and lingonberry jam. It’s nice, but nothing is more comforting than fluffy pancakes on a cold wintry day. So we went to the one place in Stockholm that does some great pancakes – Greasy Spoon. I say we, more like me… I wanted pancakes keke…

A greasy spoon is an American culinary institution, it is a small eatery (a bit like a diner in the United States) that serves deep fried or home cooked foods. As written in Wikipedia, a typical greasy spoon serves items such as “fried eggs, bacon, hamburgers, hash browns, waffles, pancakes, omelettes, deep fried chicken, and sausages. These are often accompanied by baked beans, french fries, coleslaw, or toast. Soups and chili con carne are generally available.” A British version of the greasy spoon will also serve a full English breakfast throughout the day.

That’s a lot of good stuff, unhealthy but good. Now you don’t go to a greasy spoon for healthy dining you go to a greasy spoon for a warming taste of home, but they didn’t count on a Swedish take for this. Because a Stockholm-based homage to the greasy spoon, is not  greasy and has way more healthy options than you’d imagine.

Step inside the restaurant and you feel as if you have stepped out of Stockholm, almost all the staff seem to speak anglophone accented English without a Swedish accent (in fact most of them seem to speak English rather than Swedish), and the menu is that of an all day breakfast or brunch.

We are in Sweden though, where a healthy lifestyle matters, so the menu includes some healthier options like Chia Pudding, Fruit Salad, Full Vegan and Vegetarian breakfasts. But we came for the sinful stuff, Banana French Toast and Bacon Scotch Pancakes (with an additional fried egg on top).

Bacon and fried egg with pancakes that are drizzled with maple syrup too, and at prices that don’t burst a Stockholm budget, am I in heaven?

(As you can imagine I was too ready to wolf down the pancakes, to take a good picture, so this will have to suffice.)

Cover Image Source



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