The Morningplate Concept in Copenhagen

Remember when you were a child and you woke up eagerly looking forward to breakfast, not knowing exactly what would be on the table but looking forward to something exciting? Where has that gone?

It is often said that breakfast is the most important meal of the day (here, here, though read here for alternative views) but it’s also one of those meals that tends to get missed, or brushed aside. In the morning rush to commute to and get to work (a model that is increasingly showing its obsolescence), people tend to skip the first meal of the day or replace it with a cup of coffee, and the situation is getting worse. In 2011 around 10 percent of Americans skip breakfast, in 2017 that number was 50 percent (and it is repeated elsewhere too).

Perhaps the only time adults wake up looking forward to breakfast these days are when they are on holiday, and have a breakfast plans (perhaps a breakfast buffet in the hotel or outside). There are so many vlogs recording the excitement of the breakfast buffet, or breakfasts hunts or all-day breakfasts, especially when preparing it on your own isn’t a requirement.

Celebrity Chefs like Heston Blumenthal have made television shows trying to recreate the excitement of breakfast.

Clearly, we all enjoy and look forward to a breakfast as long as we don’t have to prepare it, and can look forward to something aesthetic and aromatic. So how do you serve that desire?

Introducing the Danish dining concept full of hygge-ly goodness – the Morningplate Concept (morgentallerken).

The Morningplate concept is all about mixing and matching, a cross between a buffet and an a-la carte breakfast. You pick from a list of hearty and healthy breakfast options, either 3, 5 of 7 options, the food is then plated up and beautifully presented on a dining board.

So you get to try many dishes like you would in a buffet, with the portion control that a regular meal would have. Pair all this, in a comfortable and cozy restaurant, sitting by a window in a warmly-lit room full of soft cushions on a lazy morning. Is there anything more hygge?

The Morningplate began in 2015, ironically not in some hipster district but in an industrial/commerical area – its neighbours being shipping companies, warehouses, IT firms and the like. Wulff & Konstali however was not relegated to the sidelines but took Copenhagen by storm. People enjoyed breakfast, and they enjoyed the experience of the morningplate.

But Wulff & Konstali was still out of the way, and so competitors entered the market. Among the most well known of the competiors were Mad & Kaffe right at the heart of the city in the Vesterbro district and Moeller Cafe og Kocken in the hipster Norrebro district. These two are some of the most popular breakfast joints in Copenhagen.

Today, you can find morningplates all around Copenhagen, and the concept is here to stay (not a food fad) as all these places continue to pull in customers every single day.

None of this serves to get more people to eat breakfast, sure, but they certainly do increase the excitement of having breakfast. There might not be an answer to getting people to have breakfast on weekdays, but if people can find it fun to go out for breakfast or brunch on a weekend, that’s a step in the right direction.

Oh! Did I mention that these guys serve all day breakfast too 😉

ON THE MAP (Mad & Kaffe)

ON THE MAP (Wulff & Konstali)

ON THE MAP (Moller Cafe og Kocken)


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