Måltid i Stockholm – Drop Coffee Roasters

Swedes drink a lot of coffee and fika is a particularly important cultural institution in society. But having coffee as part of a cultural institution is very different from having top notch coffee in every cafe, Sweden has some really good coffee brands (such as Gevalia or Arvid Nordquist), a thriving cafe scene but not every cafe has a good coffee. Into the breach steps the rise of cafes focused on quality coffee in Stockholm and Stockholm’s growing coffee culture, and no one does it quite as well as Drop Coffee (there are others too but I like this the most).

Located on the island of Sodermalm, Drop Coffee is a roastery turned cafe that roasts coffee beans for others, so you know that their focus is all about the coffee. It began in 2009 and was all about whole selling coffee to other cafes, things have progressed alot in a decade and you can even buy coffee beans for personal consumption from them now.

In true Swedish fashion, the coffee beans are sourced globally and are fair-trade, sustainably farmed and obtained direct from small suppliers (in Bolivia, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Ethiopia and Kenya) rather than through intermediaries.

Unlike many cafes in Stockholm, the interiors of Drop Coffee are nothing to marvel at, it stretched Nordic cool and Nordic minimalist deco to its limits, but no one really comes for the interiors, they are here for the coffee.

And why not? Apart from having very high standards for their raw ingredients, Drop Coffee’s baristas have consistently been ranked among the top in Sweden and around the world, and what makes a good barista? Know how to understand coffee flavours, brew them, mix them and maximise their flavour. This actually matters alot because different cultures have different ways of making coffee, Scandinavian coffees have a more lemony, light sort of taste with delicate flavours.

This focus on good coffee, rather than just coffee is actually something recent many societies and is called the Third Wave of Coffee.

Don’t take it from me, take it from others who are more obsessed with good coffee than I am.

Need I say more 😉



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