Naschmarkt, Vienna’s Historic Market

A trip to the market is one of the surest ways to make sense of a city (e.g Riga’s Central Market), and Vienna has a very well known one in Naschmarkt.

Naschmarkt has been a Vienna staple since the 16th century, where traders from all around brought their wares to sell in this capital of the Austrian Empire, especially milk bottles (Asch in german) and its central location  as well as availability of wares keeps it a central market in the city and an attraction of the city.

The Naschmarkt in the 1900s (Wikipedia)

While going to the market is not something most tourist are recommended to do, a trip to Naschmarkt is actually part of the tourist recommendations when in the city (not dissimilar to La Boqueria in Barcelona).

Naschmarkt is made up of three parts, a restaurant section, the market section and the open air flea market that sells all sorts of second hand (usually antique) trinkets.

You can get special leaves if you want to too 😉

You can get all sorts of food in the restaurant section from stalls that mostly have quite a bit of history, as you’d expect though, the prices of food at these restaurant shave been marked up to take advantage of the large number of tourists visiting.

What caught my eye the most at Naschmarkt was however the bright colours at the grocery stands. In the late 18th century, a law stated that all vegetables and fruits brought into the city had to be sold in this market. The law is clearly not in place anymore but the legacy and available of fruits and vegetables continues, the sheer colour from the various fruits and vegetables available is just stunning.

Naschmarkt is also the location of a growing Chinatown, (one of a new series of Chinatowns that have grown in parts of Europe in recent years) on the two streets running parallel to the market are Chinese supermarkets and restaurants, a surprising location since traditional Chinatown’s in most European or American cities tend to be found in shady districts.

Definitely worth a check out in Vienna.



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