Måltid i Stockholm – Oolong Tea House

Bubble tea (or Boba), the drink of the gods. Flavourful, fragrant tea mixed with chewy tapioca pearls so the drink doesn’t just became an aromatic experience but a textural one.

Tapioca pearls are what make bubble tea, but you’d be surprised to know that most shops don’t make the boba from scratch, only one in Los Angeles does so – take a look at the process.

The drink was made when someone who once sold tea decided to throw some tapioca pearls in and some milk and like the taste. Tea is already good within it, the English loved their tea with a spot of milk (they went to war over tea)… now tea, with milk and some chewy balls, that’s a triple threat.

Bubble tea, first made in Taipei and then spread in popularity all over Asia, Australia and America… but somehow it isn’t a thing in Europe. I exaggerate, there was a bubble tea wave in Berlin a few years back, but it was filled with low quality stores and so polluted the German idea of what proper bubble tea is. The word bubble does not actually come from the tapioca pearls but from the bubbles/foam that forms when you mix all the ingredients by shaking it.

[I really don’t get the ewwwing on the Jimmy Fallon episode in the video above]

Up till recently, there was one low end bubble tea shop (syrup flavouring for their tea, instead of high quality tea) and a Taiwanese family run shop, known mostly to Asians.

Oolong Tea House is bringing at Asian twist to swedish fika. Set up in the summer of 2018, Oolong Tea House aimed to be the first Nordic-styled Bubble Tea shop in Stockholm.

High quality tea leaves selected and brewed, then added with pearls and served.

This was definitely at the same standard I’d expect if I was back in Singapore, and that’s saying a lot. It also serves up some really good Portuguese egg tarts (Pasteis de Nata), made popular in Asia by people from Macau who learnt of it during the Portugese colonial period in the territory.

It’s popularity with locals and the not insignificant Asian population in Stockholm clearly justified, and in my view will only grow and grow, even if this is the home of crazy coffee drinkers (in case you are wondering, it works the other way too, coffee is growing in popularity in China).

I am a firm believer that once people try proper bubble tea, they’d be converted.

And Oolong Tea House in Stockholm serves up some proper bubble tea 😉


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