Örebro Castle, the centrepiece of a city of art

Most cities have something that no visitor can leave without seeing, in Örebro that is the castle. Örebro castle is the undisputed centrepiece of the city.

More than 7 centuries old, the Örebro Castle continues to define the skyline of the city. It was built in the 13th century under the watch of Birger Jarl to defend the transit city and the main cities of Sigtuna and Uppsala from western invaders (read Danes), and underwent a series of extensions and enhancements over the centuries.

Unfortunately the castle was impressive on the outside but not really effective, since it was captured in the 14th century by Albrecht von Mecklenburg who went on to become King of Sweden, and did little to stop the Danes in the subsequent years from entering.

For the past two hundred years, the castle has shed its defensive purposes in place of administrative ones, serving as the office of the governor of Örebro country, and houses an art gallery museum, cafe and conference centre. Örebro was in the midst of an art festival when I visited and the castle was turned essentially into the centrepiece of a city wide art exhibition.

Not a bad use for a former castle I must say.




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