Måltid i Stockholm – Cafe Pascal

“Let’s check this place out next time,” she messaged and attached a picture on instagram, it was a really beautiful instagram picture of a cafe called Cafe Pascal.

It does look rather cool doesn’t it (Source)

Tucked away in a quiet corner off the busy Odenplan intercchange, Cafe Pascal is not exactly the easiest cafe to find. But that is precisely its charm, being so conveniently situated and accessible yet hidden – it is actually the perfect sort of location for a fika.

Cafe Pascal is not just another coffe and fika spot, it is considered the best place in Stockholm for a fika – and this is not just my subjective opinion. It is the collectively subjective opinion of a lot of people (which therefore transitions it into an objective argument in a way*), it is the winner of the 2014 Gulddraken Award given out annually by the news groups Dagens Nyheter – the national broadsheet in Sweden – for best cafe in the Stockholm.

So what makes Cafe Pascal special? Its certainly not the coffee (go to Drop Coffee for that), what makes Cafe Pascal is its ambience that juxtaposes everything you’d want in a cafe – lively but still quiet, warm and still intimate.

Definitely worth a visit!

*flawed logic, but you get the point.


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