Götgatan, Stockholm’s Hipster Fashion Central

You can shop in a lot of places in Stockholm, as befits a fashion forward city.

A fashion forward city would therefore have many places that sell fashion products to suit all budget ranges. There’s Bibliotekstan, Stockholm’s high end shopping district; the Stockholm Quality Outlet for all sorts of outlet store brands; Drottningatan where all sorts of shopping can be done…

Add Götgatan in Sodermalm to the shopping list.

Götgatan is the street that lies at the heart of hipster Stockholm – Sodermalm with thoroughfares and lanes leading out to all parts of that island, making it therefore the mecca of hipster life in the city.

Although to be fair, most of Stockholm city itself is rather cool.

One of the longest streets in all of Stockholm, Götgatan has been in existence since the 12th century  running through the whole of Sodermalm from north to south, from the Stockholm City Museum, through Citizens Square (Medborgarplatsen) down to the Globen Arena. The street is packed with shops (see this list) both located on the main street as well as within refurbished buildings that store vintage, quirky, basic, commercial – really all sorts of fashion that you might want to have.

One thing about Stockholm fashion though, it does seem that Stockholm/Sodermalm fashion is particularly awesome and stunning 9 months of the year because in the slightly less than 3 month that count as summer, Stockholmers seem to dress like anyone you’d see in any typical city.

Then again, summer fashion is always the most difficult season to dress up (more like the season to undress/dress down).

Beyond being a fashion mecca, and a place for hipster and shopaholics to congregate, Götgatan is also the home to one of Sweden’s most famous daughters. Greta Garbo, a star of Swedish and later Hollywood cinema is also the best emblem of Sodermalms, fashion forward and hip celebrity in Stockholm

Hip, cool things, fashion forward (i.e. cool looking people), even if you don’t buy a thing its a great place to people watch. Hit it up when you visit Stockholm!


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