Athens’ Picturesque Plaka, the Neighborhood of the Gods

Hidden in the shadow of the Acropolis (to be fair, everywhere in Athens lives under the Acropolis’ metaphorical shadow), is perhaps the most picturesque of all Athens – the Plaka district.

It is here that instamodels, vloggers and other ‘influencers’ and lifestyle guides will perhaps find the most artistic and hip pictures of Athens that they can take, apart from the beaches that is.

The Plaka is a historic district, having been continuously inhabited since antiquity (i.e. as old as the more famous Acropolis), and then inhabited by the various occupants of Athens – the Turks and later the Arvanites. and was built around the Old Agora of Athens. It’s precisely a past like that, which gifts the Plaka all its small streets and hidden corners. The street is perfect for a coffee or a lunch simply because it is picturesque.

Perhaps the only thing that spoils the beauty of the Plaka is that there are a non insignificant number of pickpockets in the area (most dressed like tourist themselves to blend in) – a fact that the owners of tourist shops take massive pains to tell tourists about.

But then again, it is the Neighbourhood of the Gods, and for good reason. Don’t pack too many things go check it out and enjoy a coffee at the Plaka!



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