A full Turkish Breakfast in Istanbul

It is one of the most well-worn tropes that the most important meal of the day is breakfast, what is doubtless however is that Turkish Breakfast is amazing! Turks love their food and have an amazing cuisine.

And nothing starts of a day of feasting better than an amazing breakfast. That’s where Turkish breakfast triumphs. Turkish breakfast begins with a warm, strong cup of tea (also called cay) rather than coffee – this despite the fact that it is called a kahvalti (direct translation: after coffee). The Turkish breakfast place is a feast for the tastebuds and the eyes, this Instanbul Insider article, describes what a good Turkish breakfast includes: cheeses, breads, jams and spreads as well as eggs.

Now it might not sound like a lot, but bear in mind that a Turkish breakfast includes something like three different kinds of cheeses, five or six different kinds of jams an spread (from olives, to honey & clotted cream; from tahini to fruit jams; from nutella to tomatos) and then eggs, of all sorts especially Menemen – scrambled egg with all sorts of ingredients from sausages and other meats to vegetables.

We had many time to try some amazing Turkish Breakfast, here’s our rundown.

Naga Putrika

Located on the hip Asia side of Istanbul – the Kadıköy-Moda district, Naga Putrika is all about high quality breakfast using traditional methods with high quality ingredients.

What really sold me here was the sweet (almost chocolatey) jams that reminded me of a local take on nutella. Also amazing was the incredibly flavourful menemen. Similar to a shakshouka , menemen is a Turkish take on scrambled eggs with tomatoes, onions, green peppers and spices cooked in olive oil, occasionally adding meats.

And that was indeed a high quality, albeit slight pricey breakfast.

Cakmak Kahvalti Salonu

The main street to get your breakfast when in Istanbul is Besiktas Breakfast Street, Sinanpaşa Mahallesi.

Of the multidues of breakfast restaurants on breakfast street, easily the best one is Cakmak Kahvalti Salonu.

An establishment in the streets and popular with locals, Cakmak Kahvalti Salonu was one of the first stalls on this street to set up and sell a full turkish breakfast at an affordable price before similar stalls mushroomed all around.

The selling point of Cakmak Kahvalti Salonu was their homemade jams, though a rose infused jam and a melon jam that tasted divine.

Lades Menemen

It’s all about the Menemen in this particular breakfast place. Hidden at the side of Istikal Street is Lades Menemen. Open since 1969 in a city of foodies, Lades Menemen must have survived and continued to do so for a reason.

What was is about the Menemen? Was it the most fragrant? No. It was rather that the menemen was the biggest portion that we had by far.

ON THE MAP (Naga Putrika)

ON THE MAP (Cakmak Kahvalti Salonu)

ON THE MAP (Lades Menemen)


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