Princes’ Island, Istanbul’s island getaway

Istanbul is sea of humanity, a full 15 million people live in the metropolis, larger than the whole population of Sweden and Norway combined, it’s an amazingly dynamic city, full of life and vigour.

Then there are days when you want to get away form the concrete jungle and to experience a bit more nature and one great island getaway near Istanbul is the Princes Island/Adalar, an archipelago of 9 islands in the Sea of Marmara.

Easily accesible by sea, the island chain got its name because it was where princes and royalty from the Byzantine and Ottoman eras were exiled to after they had run afoul of the leadership in then Constantinople. The distance between civilization and the people was exactly what was needed.

Later in the nineteenth century however, the underdeveloped nature of the island chain became an asset, Istanbul’s wealthy class found it a heaven getaway relatively conveniently located from the city and took to building houses on the islands.

While originally Greek in character (more than 10,000 ethnic Greeks and 600 ethnic Turks), the island chain has become more and more Turkish in make-up as wealthy Turks by property on the site.

Despite the crowds in the summer, the Adalar islands are rather quiet – that is very much down to the fact that no vehicles are allowed on the islands, only horses and carts.

If I had the money, I wouldn’t mind having a summer house there!


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