About the Heartlander Overseas

I started blogging at The Heartlander Tourist to promote the idea of being a local tourist. I began that blog wanting to introduce Singapore to readers.

Singapore CitySingapore City on a normal work day

The more I wrote, the more I found myself enthralled by different Singapores that I never knew existed.

Singapore Kong Meng San Phor Kark See MonasteryKong Meng San Phor Kark See Buddhist Monastery

Singapore MacRitchie ReservoirMacRitchie Reservoir

Singapore Bugis Street ArtStreet Art at Bugis

Singapore Wessex EstateWessex Estate in Singapore

After some 4 years of exploring Singapore, my career has taken me out of the tropical red dot into the temperate archipelago of Sweden.

Stockholm Gamla Stan from Ferry A view of Stockholm’s Gamla Stan (Old Town) on a ferry

Hence the logical progression to the Heartlander Overseas.

Being a tourist is not just about taking pictures at famous locations, but learning about the soul of the place and getting into the psyche of the people who populate the place. This means not just exploring the tourist traps but also the day to day lives of the locals (as much as possible). And that is what this blog intends to do, try to understand a bit more about the host country I am in through at all levels.

The mundane reality of life to the local is a novel experience for me, the normal social conventions are surprises to be chronicled, the textbook history class a completely new story to explore.

Part of being in a different culture is to make mistakes bumbling around and I most certainly will. There are bound to be cultural faux pax that I’ll make, societal norms that I won’t understand and funny stories to reminisce over.

Come, read and join in my escapades!

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